Wednesday, May 6, 2009

One thing I've learnt from NCIS...

is that to have eccentricities is almost a necessity when it comes to dealing with real stress. The team on NCIS have to investigate all these gory murders and suicides and tortures, and they're all strange. Gibbs and Ziva, both so serious, tough, strong; they learnt not to let their emotions interfere with their jobs. DiNozzo, who makes light, not of the crimes, but of his life outside them while he investigates. Detachment; child-like, almost.
And then there's McGee who, shall we say, "nerds it up" to a non personal level, also, a bit like DiNozzo, not attaching himself to what's happened personally. Last but not least, Abby and Ducky. Abby sees forensics as a puzzle to be solved, and I think Ducky has a similar mentality with working things out from the human body. You really couldn't work in those situations without some eccentricities, so embrace yours. You get a random impulse to shoot people on an hourly basis? The army is waiting!
Cat xx