Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My favourite book...

Ella Enchanted is a Cinderella story with a twist. It's about a young girl (Ella) who at birth has a spell put on her. She must always be obedient. Although the fairy who enchanted her (Lucinda), views the spell as a gift, as you would imagine, it is nothing but a hindrance to poor Ella.
When Ella's mother passes away, her life takes a turn for the worse. she doesn't get on well with her selfish, ignorant father and she certainly doesn't get along with her new stepmother and stepsisters. What follows reflects the Disney version of Cinderella, but is much more fantastical. Elves, Ogres and Giants all grace the pages of this book, and you learn all about their languages (which Ella has a great interest in) and way of life. The spell introduces a whole other level of complications into Ella's life. She can't get too close to anyone without worrying that they'll find out about her secret and abuse it, and having a relationship with a prince is a threat to him, her and the whole kingdom.
I first read this story when I was around 10 or 11, so perhaps It's not as good as I feel it is. I've read it 4 times in total and I think it's a lovely story set in an exciting land filled with interesting characters, so try it out. Sorry if my love of this book is sickening you.
Cat xx


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