Monday, February 22, 2010

A poem...

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. My life is spectacularly uninteresting at the moment. This is a poem I was assigned to write for English. It had to start with

"I remember
my childhood"
and have no more than four words per line and I actually ended up with something I'm quite pleased with, so I thought I see what you guys thought. Don't be afraid to be honest (but not nasty please)

I remember
my childhood
my neighbours
new baby
so old.

We started
to visit
my sister
and I
and all the other
kids on the street
to see
Tom, Nat
and Maya
their nice

We would talk
and laugh
and we'd bake
and read stories
or tell our own
over the years
as Maya
learnt to speak
she had birthdays
that we celebrated
playing games
and eating cake.

A lively garden
they had
full of
colourful plants
they grew carrots
that we picked
and munched
as we chatted
we could never wait
for them to grow
to their full size
but Nat and Tom
didn't mind.

Nat told us
tall tales
their house
a young ghost boy
who haunted it
she was
it sent chills
up my spine
I knew they
weren't real
but it felt
like they were.
I remember the stories
I remember
the baking
I remember the garden
I remember
my childhood.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

"It's like totally kind what you're doing, but it won't make any difference"

Thank you Seli for giving me the Kreativ Blogger award! I won't complete the task because I did it just a few blogs ago here, but genuinely, thanks a bunch and a half.
I was also tagged by Zmaga for Cassie's Therapy Video tag, which I haven't posted in a while and which I absolutely love, so here we go:

source Abracadabra, Wow!
I like boys who like to think and girls who are nice to everyone.
I like doing methodical things like maths.
I like reading Harry Potter, no matter how many times.
I like drinking coffee, eating slices and talking with good friends at nice cafes.
I like waking up on a Sunday and realizing I can sleep in.
I like Bob Dylan lyrics.
I like netball training, it makes me feel healthy.
I like sunny parks on warm days with lots of friends.
I like finding great clothes when I don't expect to.
I like dancing to bad songs.
I like discovering new artists.
I like when someone makes me feel loved.
I love writing and reading.
Today I had a delicious chocolate slicey thing,
In some ways, I love everything. It’s less, it’s less of a thing to like, it’s less distinct, it’s less particular, I like things that I like but I love everything. There’s more choice in like, Cos even the worst things have things you love in them. I don’t know what you mean about things I hate…
I hate when some one's sad, and I can't help.
I hate regretting things that I can't fix or change.
I hate being laughed at.
I hate liking people I shouldn't.
I hate being let down by people I love.
I hate jogging but in a way, I like how I feel afterwards.
I hate waiting rooms.
I hate remembering my old self and not liking who I was.
I hate this, wow... sorry.
I'd like to tag both the Kreativ Blogger Award (in which you must write seven facts about yourself and tag it along to seven other bloggers) and Cassie's Therapy Video Tag along to: Maly, Camelgirl, Julia, Frangi, Phoebe, Scarz and Catherine. Enjoy :D
Cat xx

Monday, February 8, 2010

I'm in love with Stacy's Mom...

Images sourced here.

Hmmm, I would quite like a thoughtful bath boy to call my own.
Cat xx

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Have a read?

As I walked out onto the porch, I saw him for the second time. He was sitting on the brick wall outside his house now, where the bins were kept and the mailbox was. He had a cigarette in his hand and was looking onto the street, his brow furrowed, as though he was looking for something, or thinking about something important. For some reason, he looked at that moment, like everything I wanted. Something that was interesting; mysterious. Something I hadn’t been able to put my finger on until that moment. I so desperately wanted to talk to him, to know him. I stood there on my porch for a minute or two, watching him and trying to think of an excuse to approach him. Eventually I walked over, trying to look confident and jumped up to sit beside him on the wall.
“Can I have a drag?” I asked.
I knew how pathetic I probably sounded, but knew immediately that it was worth it, when he looked at me and a pack of butterflies went crazy inside me. He just studied me for a few, long moments, and then said:
“You smoke?”
The truth was I didn’t. I had before, but found it awful.
“A bit.” I answered.
“You shouldn’t. It’ll kill you.” He said, but handed me the cigarette.
I put the cigarette to my lips, trying to recall what Leah had told me the one time I’d tried this before. Taking it away from my lips, I passed it back to him and exhaled.
“I’m Elodie.” I offered, looking at him.
“Mitchell.” He replied, not turning to look back at me.

This is a story I've recently started writing, and I was wondering if anyone could give me some feedback on this paragraph? If you could tell what you think, and also whether you think the two should get together or just become really good friends, that'd be awesome. Thanks :)
Cat xx

Monday, February 1, 2010

And the girls want to know why boys like them so much.

I was visiting Frangipani Princess's Formspring page just as second ago and someone asked her:
You talk about all the important issues, but you don't talk about guy issues. You talk about hot celebreties but you don't talk about the guys you actually know :(
To which Frangi replied:
there's a simple explanation for that one:
I don't really know any guys. i've never had a boyfriend. never been kissed. i only have like, one guy friend, and he lives five hours away. if i had more knowledge or experience on the topic, i'd definitely post about it. i'll keep it in mind though, and maybe i'll do a post on it after i get settled in my new school :)
Which is perfectly reasonable, but it got me thinking (dangerous, I know.). I know lots of boys. I have heaps of boy...friends but no boyfriend to speak of. I know it's a stereotype, but it's true, guys are a lot less bitchy than girls and therefore far easier to be around. So why aren't there more boy/girl friendships? I can honestly talk to boys equally as easily as to girls. I think the whole mentality is something everyone just needs to get past because boys are great.
One of the people I can talk to about anything is a guy. He's one of my absoloute best friends and I know he'd never judge me or make me feel stupid. I sometimes feel that on the whole girls are a lot more judgemental of others. Not that I don't love a lot of girls too....that made me sound a bit slutty...
Cat xx