Sunday, August 30, 2009

This Charming Girl...

I got this new dress today. I love it! Only $25.00. Bargain. I look a bit odd in this picture but I love the dress so much it doesn't matter to me in the slightest!

Ooh lala, some lovely finds on thischarminggirl. I love jewellery. Sorry that I've been posting these fashion, picture type posts, there are two reasons really. A) I keep finding cute things that I think you should all see and (this is the real reason), B) I can't think of anything to write about. I'll post something writey soon, promise. Anyway, once again: thischarminggirl. Head on down.
Cat xx

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Pretty clothes...

(This is the one I really loved)

I don't usually post fashion type things, but I was on the Sportsgirl website and I found an outfit that I thought was absolutely lovely, so much so that I just had to show you. After deciding that I went through and found a few more. You may notice I absolutely love vests, waist-coats, jackets, cardigans and basically anything that you can put over a top.
Cat xx

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Apologies, "Frankie"...

I'm really sorry I haven't posted for ages. Lately I've just not known what to say. I've also been focusing on the story I'm writing and trying desperately to think of something to write about for my Herald Sun work experience entry. I'm not a very news-ish person, but I guess I should become one. Bottom line though, is that there's no excuse. I am a poor blogger of late. My apologies.

The latest issue of "Frankie" arrived in my mail on Monday. I think it actually comes out either yesterday or today. It's a lovely issue. I haven't read it all yet; I like to draw out the experience for as long as possible, although at the same time I want to read it all at once. Its always tricky when you love something that much. The highlights so far for me have been:

An article/interview on Zooey Deschanel about her new movie "500 Days of Summer". This was great because I love Zooey Deschanel, I love her music duo with M. Ward, She and Him and I am extremely excited for her new film, "(500) Days of Summer". Extremely.

The bathers on pages 70 and 71, "pretty as a picture". Seeing bathers in magazines never fails to get me all excited and tingly for summer. The bathers in "Frankie" are sometimes vintage, often colourful and always pretty. Sadly they also tend to be exxy. My favourite was the hotel bondi blue wrens one-piece. They're $219. Lovely.
"I can't believe it's not meat!", a group of reviews on meat substitute products by Benjamin Law. Just as everything he writes, they're are funny and besides, I'm a sucker for reviews. There's something great about being told what to buy. Benjamin Law is one of my favourite writers in "Frankie", so this was just my thing.
"The Break Up". A group of ex-couples look back on their relationships. I found these stories really sweet, although the breaking up thing was sad. I actually got nostalgic reading them. I have a severe case of empathy. One of the ex-couples were two men, which is great. It's nice when a magazine doesn't just represent the mainstream.
If you want to know more, you'll just have to go out and get the real thing, which I highly recommend!
Cat xx

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

OMG, like, speak IM?

I don't like to use too strong a word, but I hate msn speak. Hate. It just annoys me that people feel the need to say something like "lol" whenever I say anything. Tell me the truth! You're not laughing out loud, I'm not that funny! I don't want or need your fake pity laughter. It annoys me even more when people say it just 'cause. I mean this:
Cat says: I just find it so annoying when I can't find my favourite top, you know?
Friend says: Yeah, totally. lol
What do you mean lol?? How did my loss of clothing inspire your laughter? You just can't come up with an intelligent remark, is that it? Yeah, I'm onto you.
And what about "ily"? You love me, huh? Enough to actually type out three measely words? Not that much, eh? Yeah, that's what I thought. Gosh.
Lastly, what is with people who use msn speak in real life? I have news for you, buddy. YOU AREN'T LAUGHING OUT LOUD, I CAN SEE YOU!!! Sorry to be all angry like but seriously, learn english.
Cat xx

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Songs I love at the moment and in no particular order:

Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts by Bob Dylan
Rita May by Bob Dylan
Days Like These by The Cat Empire
Coin Laundry by Lisa Mitchell
Nothing by The Cat Empire
Heartbreak Hotel by Elvis Presley
They Weren't There by Missy Higgins

Wow, I haven't been listening to even nearly enough music of late...
Cat xx

Monday, August 17, 2009

Racism is everywhere...

Here's an odd little find for you. My friend told me to type "i am" into Google search and see what came up (before you actually search). Anyway I did this, but typed in one letter further accidentally and typed in "i am e". 10 results come up underneath as most searched. Four of them were:
I am extremely terrified of Chinese people
I am extremely scared of Chinese people
I am extremely afraid of Chinese people
I am extremely terrified of Chinese.
The last on the list was:
I am evil homer.
What does this say about the acceptance of our society? And what does this say about the TV viewing of our society?
Cat xx

Writers Block. Shudder.

I finally got my new header to work! It's very exciting for me. It's a bit blurry (tiny bit) but I'm such an "Alice in Wonderland" nut that I don't mind. Sorry my posts have been so irregular lately, I've got a case of writer's block! If you like writing/ are a writer and you just read that, chances are your whole body seized up in fear, because writer's block is a terrible, terrible thing. Don't worry though, I am determined to fight off this illness and I'll be back with some interesting posts soon. Sorry for this crappy one.
Cat xx

Thursday, August 13, 2009

3 hilarious mag fails...

Usually I enjoy reading trashy teen mags (namely Girlfriend and Dolly) in a passive, embarrased sort of way. But every so often I'll come across something written in one that's so ludicrously stupid that I never want to read another. Here are three examples of dumb things I've seen in Girlfriend and Dolly (not word for word):

1) In a movie review late 2008, a movie was called something like: Possibly the most epic comic-based movie since the Dark Knight.
So what you're saying is that between mid 08 and late 08, out of every single movie made that was based on a comic, this was the best? How impressive.

2) In an article about great women before feminism became a popular thing, one of the women was (unsurprisingly) Jane Austen. In the small description of her and why she was great it said something to this effect: Not only did Jane Austen write the original Rom-Com (Pride and Prejudice), it has been said that it was Mr. Darcy who inspired Edward Cullen from "Twilight". 'Nuff Said.
I'm sorry, but that is just outrageous! As if Jane Austen being a great woman has even a speck to do with "Twilight"! Are you saying that until Edward Cullen strode onto the scene, Jane Austen was, you know, OK? Edward Cullen is completely irrelevant to Jane Austen.

3) In the recent issue based around having a positive body image, there was an article presented as a list of reasons you shouldn't worry about what size of clothing you are. I'm all for positive body image, don't get me wrong. However one of the reasons was: It's. Just. A. Number.
As though you just randomly pick a number out of a hat and that what size you are. Wrong! That number is representative of what size your body is. So no. It's. More. Than. Just. A. Number. Don't. Deny. It.
Cat xx

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Poor back slash...

Lately I have been getting quite into a few video blogs on YouTube. This is a side effect of having no life- i just sit at home in front of the computer and its blog, vlog, blog, vlog over and over again. Anyway, they are quite funny, so I thought I'd show you some, which you can watch in your spare time (rather than always, like me).

1) GoCheeksGo
Ahh the narcissistic gay boy. So annoying and yet so compelling. It was this video about Miss California's comments on gay marriage that introduced me to him. It's not that I agree with his views- I'm not really sure where I stand on that. I mean, i believe in gay marriage, but it's her opinion.- but this video is highly hilarious.

2) Shanaynay
You've probably already heard of Shanaynay- ie. Shane Dawson dressed as a woman- but I thought in case you hadn't I'd put this here. My favourite Shanaynay vid is 911. Seriously, I'm already laughing in anticipation. I have an extremely immature sense of humour.

3)The Community Channel
This is my favourite. A young Sydney woman just kind of talks about whatever happens to be on her mind at the time, and she makes these example scenes in which she acts every part. Hilarity ensues. A while ago,
Frangipani Princess posted one of her vids (The "We Just Touched Awkwardly" song) and I wasn't that impressed. But after watching more of her videos, I've fallen in vlog love. This is my favourite:

Friday, August 7, 2009

This week...

I thought I'd give my lovely readers a little peak into what my week has been like:
The Good:
I was walking to my music lesson on Tuesday and it was absolutely beautiful. It was raining quite a bit but I had my favourite, bright orange umbrella so I could observe the rain without getting soaked. In front of me the sky was covered by dark grey clouds, but behind me the sun was out and light was shining onto the grey clouds in this really whimsical way. All the colours of the trees were sharpened and where the sun was hitting them, I could see particular areas had blankets of rain coming down.
In film we watched "Strictly Ballroom" and I thought it was very well made. For those of you that don't know, it's about ballroom dancers (shock), and one particular boy, about eighteen, who has the chance to be a star. However he wants to try out hiss own moves, which is seriously frowned upon and he is told not to by the competition organisers, his teacher, his mother and his dance partner. Enter a dorky but sweet girl who nobody thinks much of and has only been dancing two years (the boy has been dancing for more like 12), who is just the person to show him how great he can be. Love story and dancing ensues.
My algebra test was today. Before you deafen me with your screams of protest at a maths test being listed under "The Good", I'll explain why I think it is completely deserving of a place on this list, for a few reasons. I find algebra very soothing. it's just patterns and rules which you can follow over and over again, being satisfied when you get the result. Also, it's always nice to finish a maths unit and know that you can start afresh next lesson and not have to think about algebra for a while. Lastly, and I must admit, most importantly, is that I'm quite confident that my result is over ninety (I validated all of my answers. Checked, that is). So, nothing but grins!

The Bad:
My humanities map assignment was due today and I basically hadn't started it until the double we were given. Because drawing is far from being something I have even the slightest shred of talent for, when I get an assignment that largely includes it, I tend to freak out, procrastinate and hand in something well below the expected standard. This is not, as you might imagine, because I don't care about school. Quite the opposite. Bad school marks are one of the things that just freak me out. That's why when I think I'm going to fail because I can't draw, I push the assignment way back into a tiny corner on my mind. Not. Very. Smart.

The Ugly:
In a particularly gruesome part of "Walkabout", (a film about two white children deserted in the Australian outback meeting up with, and basically being saved by a young aboriginal man) I had to watch a lot of cows being shot and one particular cow being gutted. Blood and insides everywhere. Ew. That being said, "Walkabout" was amazing.
Cat xx

Thursday, August 6, 2009

50th post!!!

Which is worse? Being afraid to be different to others and forcing yourself to listen to popular music you don't like and wearing fashionable clothes you don't like, or being afraid to fit in and when you occasionally do like a "mainstream" band or item of clothing, not listening to it or wearing it?
I was talking to a friend the other day and she was talking about how she really needed a headband (I can't remember why).
"I've looked everywhere!" she exclaimed.
At this point another girl suggested SUPRE, to which my friend said "No way, I hate SUPRE".
I thought this was odd and I asked her why she wouldn't go to SUPRE. Turns out it was just a pride issue. Even if SUPRE is the only place she can get what she needs, she won't go in.
I think this sort of thing is even worse then refusing to be different, because it's just so damn pretentious. I have to admit, I think it's something that I sometimes do, subconsciously. I think everyone needs to take a breath and get over themselves.
Cat xx

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lisa Mitchell is lovely...