Friday, January 29, 2010



Sabine Cara and Camelgirl both gave me the "Kreativ Blogger" tag. Thanks so much :)
So for this tag the idea is to write seven things about yourself and then tag it along to seven others. Here we go: One: I love old Disney fairytales and I collect old Disney videos. Two: I hate all team sports except for netball, which I love. Three: I mock trashy mags a lot, but secretly, I can't get enough. Four: I love dancing really, I'm just far too self concsious to do it in front of anyone. Five: I find dirty jokes hilarious. Six: I know all the steps to the Hoedown Throwdown. Seven: I like to project my perfect self into the blogosphere, removing any blemishes. Polly, Elfie, Selina, Eri, Julia, Frangi and Maly, consider yourselves tagged.

And here are a few vids/songs you should check out: :) :) :) :)

Cat xx