Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Frankly Frankie...

is absolutely fabulous and epitomously deserving of a blog (if not a shrine). Frankie is my favourite magazine and covers fashion, art, music, craft and life. Unlike certain trashy teen mags (which i am also sadly addicted to), this has interesting stories and observations of life, pretty fashion and art as well as great music (it's how I was introduced to my favourite band, Little Red) without the patronising articles telling you what to do. That advice is always crappy anyway.
The articles are witty, well written and interesting and practically everything they advertise is awesome. Each bi-monthly issue comes with an art poster, by a different artist each time. I highly recommend you pick one up. it costs a few dollars more than Dolly or Girlfriend, but it's much better quality. i haven't made myself look like an idiot from a flirting tutorial in it yet!
Cat xx