Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Simple Twist of Fate...

The most lovely thing happened yesterday. I was catching the tram home from my drama Christmas party, and I remembered about halfway through the journey that I hadn't bought a ticket, so I went over to the machine. As I was pressing the buttons for a ticket I heard someone say "Excuse me". I turned around and there was a man looking at me, standing in front of the door. he asked me if I was buying a two hour and I said I was, so he passed his ticket to me.
"Have mine," he said, "I'm getting off here."
I thought it was so nice of him. Obviously he wasn't going very far out of his way, but it wouldn't occur to me to do something like that. It's funny, really. I spent my morning with my friends and my evening at a party with other friends, but the kindness of a stranger made my day. It reminded me that the world really is a friendly, wonderful place. From now on, I'm going to try and make small kind gestures, to remind others of it too.
Cat xx