Friday, April 30, 2010

rock and roll you ate my soul.

Good morning everyone. Zmaga has tagged me with "Good For You, Mate." Thank you!

The rules:
a. mention the giver’s name
b. fill out the following questions
c. name five bloggers who you want to pass the award onto.

quirk: I suck the pips out of grapes, swallow them and then eat the grape, so that I can enjoy it properly. Why the hell would you even buy grapes with pips Dad? Why?

pet peeve: Right now I think I have to say gorgeous celebrities who whinge on about how they were "never the pretty one in high school". We all know you were. You're only reminding us of it by denying it.

favorite song: That is a really hard thing to ask of me. I don't really have a favourite song. Right now I love "I'll Make a Man Out of You" from Mulan. Don't judge what you can't understand, OK?

trend: 's are silly passing things. I am awesome in a way that is beyond trendiness. Conceited? Me? Never.

murder: Ke$ha and I will love you forever. Seriously, that drunken mess excuse for a woman has to go down.

nail color: I don't paint my nails. I'm really bad at it. There's paint everywhere when I try. On the odd occasion that I successfully paint my nails I scratch it off in a day. I just can't resist for some weird unknown reason.
However if I could, I think my answer would be this. Awesome.
Sorry it's all tags here lately, feeling a bit lacking in things to say. I'll do my best to post more regularly from now on (how many times have I said that?). Anyway, I tag: Toongen, Camelgirl, Sanchez, Maly and Sabine. Have fun.
Cat xx
P.S. Image found here.


lady luff said...

Disney movies always have the best songs!! Everything I've ever needed to know in life, I learnt from Disney...

Cute blog! :)

sanchez said...

Disney makes my life!!

Thanks for the tag. :D
your so sweet.

Zmaga said...

I love that song from Mulan too!! And I am the same way with nails and nail polish :/

Anonymous said...

touch ke$ha and you will go down. she is a beautiful classy lady thank you very much