Monday, March 15, 2010

Who Needs Love?

Valentine's Day- The time of year when everyone's "special someone" gets to feel extra special and the rest of us get to watch. Yes, the forteenth of February is fast approaching and I'm just not feeling it. In fact, I think the Valentine's train may be about to squash me flat. My friends sit aboard, on their comfortable velvet seats, arm in arm, oblivious to my suffering.It seems lusicrous that a fifteen year old girl would refer to herself as singe, but it feels like the appropriate term. maybe it's the unrealistic portrayal of high school in TV shows and movies that makes a boyfriend seen as vital as an arm or leg. Perhaps it's the multitudes of teens and even preteens declaring their everlasting love for each other.Whatever the cause, recently there's been a change. Couples don't make me feel sad or envious anymore. They make me feel sick. "Why the change of heart?" you may ask. I'll tell you: it's because the word 'love' no longer means what it once did. No, now love is just the word girls use to manipulate boys into watching "The Notebook" and boys use to get into girls pants. It means "Sure, you'll do until i see something shinier". My sister is twelve and last year a friend of hers got her first boyfriend. About a week in they were "in love". Two months later they broke up over msn.I guess The Pussy Cat Dolls were right about one thing. I don't need a man to make it happen. Not on Valentine's Day or any other time of year. I refuse to feel as though I'm missing something just because a bunch of twelve year olds are buying each other hideous red and pink toys. They'll be broken up in a day or two anyway.
This is another piece I wrote for English(a while ago obviously). Tell me what you think :)
Cat xx


~Abby~ said...

This is how I feel as well. Everyone at my school are so insectre if they don't have a boyfriend/girlfriend at the moment (especially the girls). But I'm not going to date someone just becasue it's "cool" at the moment.
I think it's good, and you described how a lot of people feel around Valentine's Day.

Zmaga said...

I think love is what you make of it and that you choose how will it look like. Kids have their own kind, they can say they're in love, but you have to remember they're just kids: whatever they say, whichever problem they encounter, it seems trivial.

I need love and I'm not ashamed to say it.

That-girl said...

I've never thought about it like that before. I like the idea of love, but these days it doesn't seem as special anymore. You know how you use something so often it's not special and unique anymore? Like that.